OpenMP* 4.0 Features in Intel C++ Composer XE 2013

Published:01/16/2013   Last Updated:01/16/2013

The current OpenMP* 4.0 RC1 specification and associated TR1 technical report (both available from adds new features for controlling vectorization and execution on coprocessors.

Intel® C++ Composer XE 2013 Update 2 (compiler version 13.1) supports two of these new features regarding the simd and target clauses. These are similar to existing Intel-specific compiler directives.

  1. SIMD pragmas, directives, and clauses
  2. TARGET pragmas, directives and clauses for attached coprocessors (or devices)

Intel® C++ Composer XE 2013 SP1 (compiler version 14.0) adds partial support for OpenMP* 4.0 features including:

  1. TEAMS pragmas, directives and clauses
  2. DISTRIBUTE pragmas, directive and clauses
  3. SIMD pragmas, directives, and clauses
  4. TARGET pragmas, directives and clauses for attached coprocessors (or devices)
  5. #pragma omp taskgroup construct
  6. Atomic clause seq_cst
  7. Six new forms of atomic capture and update:
    1. Atomic swap: {v = x; x = expr;}
    2. Atomic update: x = expr binop x;
    3. Atomic capture 1: v = x = x binop expr;
    4. Atomic capture 2: v =x = expr binop x;
    5. Atomic capture 3: {x = expr binop x; v = x;}
    6. Atomic capture 4: {v = x; x = expr binop x;}
  8. proc_bind(<type>) clause where <type> is “spread”, “close”, or “master”
  9. OMP_PLACES environment variable
  10. OMP_PROC_BIND environment variable
  11. omp_get_proc_bind() API

For detail information pleaser reference to User and Reference Guide for the Intel® C++ Compiler 14.0

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