Performance of Concurrent Java Code Measured in the Intel® Manycore Testing Lab

Published: 05/28/2015, Last Updated: 05/28/2015

In the graduate course Concurrent Object Oriented Languages, taught at York University, Toronto, students do three assignment and write a paper based on these assignments.

The objective of the first assignment is to find a nontrivial concurrent algorithm in the literature. In the second assignment, the aim is the implementation of the concurrent algorithm presented in the first assignment in Java. The focus of the third assignment is to to measure the performance of the concurrent Java program of the second assignment. For the third assignment, the students used the Intel Manycore Testing Lab.

The paper should cover the material discussed in the three assignments. The paper should not be produced by simply cutting and pasting parts of the assignments (but students may reuse bits and pieces of the assignments). The paper should have an abstract, introduction, conclusion and bibliography. The rest of the paper should address the algorithm, the implementation in Java and the verification effort. The paper should be 15 pages. If necessary, the paper may be supplemented with appendices. The paper should be formatted according to Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series guidelines.

A detailed description of the assignments can be found at the URL and the papers of the students can be found at the URL

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