PIN Errors in 2017 and 2018 Analysis Tools

By Alexandra Marie Shinsel, Published: 07/28/2017, Last Updated: 12/06/2017


As of July 28th, 2017, we have been receiving many reports of people who have been having problems with the analysis tools (Intel® VTune™ Amplifier, Advisor, and Inspector) as a result of a problem with PIN, the tool they use to instrument software.

PIN problems can produce several types of error. Some common ones are:

__bionic_open_tzdata_path: PIN_CRT_TZDATA not set!
Collection failed 8/23/2017 1:26:10 PM Collection failed. The data cannot be displayed. [Instrumentation Engine]: SYSCALL_INSPECTOR: The NTDLL!NtTerminateThread function jumps out of NTDLL, at 0x7ffeb0fe00c4. It may be hooked by a PIN-incompatible software installed on the system Source\pin\base_w\ipc_server_windows.cpp: LEVEL_BASE::StartServer: 2216: assertion failed: res == TRUE

The PIN executable is located in the bin64 and/or bin32 folders in the installation directories of the analysis tools. You can test whether PIN is the source of your problems by running it on any executable. For example:

pin -- Notepad.exe


On Windows*, certain virus checkers have been known to interfere with PIN. Excluding pin.exe from the virus checker may resolve the issue. For the NTDLL issue mentioned above, excluding pin.exe from the virus checker will not resolve the issue.

On Linux*, a recent security patch (CVE-2017-1000364) is causing problems with PIN.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2017 Update 5, Intel® Advisor XE 2017 Update 5, and Intel® Inspector XE 2017 Update 4, all available on the Registration Center, use a new version of PIN which should fix these problems.

These updates for 2017 are actually more recent than 2018 initial releases of these products, which do not include the patch. The patch was added to the 2018 versions of the product in Update 1.

If PIN problems are causing a significant blockage of your work with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier , Intel® Inspector or Intel® Advisor, please submit a ticket to the Online Service Center to let us know.

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