Project rebuilds every time in Visual Studio 2010*

By Jennifer L Jiang, Published: 01/06/2012, Last Updated: 01/06/2012

Issue Number: DPD200172966

Problem :
The project x64 configuration rebuilds even when a single file is changed.
This problem only happens when building the x64 configuration using the native Intel C++ or Visual Fortran compiler for Intel 64 on Windows.

It is not a problem for using the cross Intel C++ or Visual Fortran compiler for Intel 64.

The native Intel C++ and Visual Fortran compilers for Intel 64 are only installed on a x64 OS.

Environment :

  • OS: Windows 7* x64,  Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
  • Visual Studio 2010 standard edition or above
  • Affected products:
    • Intel® C++ Composer XE for Windows
    • Intel® C++ Studio XE for Windows
    • Intel® Composer XE for Windows
    • Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows
    • Intel® Visual Fortran Studio XE for Windows
    • Intel® Parallel Studio XE for Windows
Root Cause :
The recent Windows updates have some changes in the kernel32.dll so that the tracker.exe could not catch the file operations by Intel C++ compiler and Intel Visual Fortran compiler, therefore the & are not updated properly. It is not clear if the bug is in the Intel compilers.

This issue only happens when your machine meets the above requirements and has one of the following Windows updates installed:
    • KB2567680
    • KB2507938
    • KB2533623
    • KB2510531
The actual root cause is more likely a bug in the tracker.exe, refer to this posting for more details.

Resolution :

This issue has been addressed in the Update 7 or newer of the Intel Compiler products. You can download the latest update from Intel Registration Center. The evaluation copy is always the latest update so you can also get it from the Intel Software Evaluation Center.

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