Quasardb Streamlines Development for a Real-Time Analytics Database

By Sally Sams, Published: 03/10/2016, Last Updated: 10/03/2016

Quasardb* is a distributed, transactional database that gives users instant access to data from any kind of analytics engine―enabling companies to do real-time analytics. It can scale both horizontally (across several servers) and vertically (using the capabilities of one server) to deliver first-class performance and outstanding return on investment (ROI).

To deliver high performance, quasardb needed to not only do a high-quality implementation, but also to take full advantage the Intel multi-core infrastructure. One of the key building blocks that enables quasardb to deliver first-class performance is Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB), Intel’s C++ threading library for creating high-performance, scalable parallel applications.

“When we discovered Intel® TBB, we realized it was exactly what we needed. It was written in C++, had the right feature set, was multi-platform, and the performance was very good,” explained  Edouard Alligand, CEO of quasardb. “Last but not least, with Intel Corporation behind it, we were confident that the library would be supported for a long time and make efficient usage of Intel® architecture, which is the most-used architecture by our customers.”

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