Industrial Applications for Computer Vision

Published:08/16/2018   Last Updated:09/19/2019

Computer Vision is driving the evolution of machine learning, edge devices, and human interactions with intelligent systems and it is being deployed in nearly every industry. The industrial space is no exception and is moving to adopt the technology in a variety of ways. Industrial applications for computer vision includes: security, inventory tracking, safety, and even quality assurance. To give you a better picture of how this all works, Intel has released a series of reference implementations that show how specific industrial use cases can be adopted to benefit production.

For those of you unfamiliar with reference implementations, they are end-to-end solutions that not only demonstrate the capabilities of a technology but also provide developers with the open-source code to build and deploy the solutions themselves.

Each of the following reference implementations present a single, real world use case, and are built using Intel® technology, such as Intel® System Studio, and the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. There are also hardware options that provide these tools pre-installed and include a number of pre-trained models, such as the IEI Tank* AIoT Developer Kit, UP Squared* AI Vision X Developer Kit, and Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2

There is a broad range of reference implementations and the list is growing. Make sure to check regularly to see what else has been developed!

Reference Implementations

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