Gabor Liktor

Published:05/29/2015   Last Updated:12/10/2019

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photo of Gabor LiktorGabor joined the Graphics Processing Research team (formerly known as the Advanced Rendering Technology team) at Intel in 2015 following his internship in 2013. He received his diploma in computer science from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and then pursued his PhD in the graphics research group of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, where he is expected to defend his dissertation soon. He has conducted collaborative research with Crytek* and completed an internship at Walt Disney Animation Studios. His primary research interests are shading reuse in real-time rendering architectures, stochastic sampling, and geometry subdivision.

Intel Publications

Flexible Ray Traversal with an Extended Programming Model

Coarse Pixel Shading with Temporal Supersampling

Bandwidth-Efficient BVH Layout for Incremental Hardware Traversal

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