Chuck Lingle

Published:05/29/2015   Last Updated:12/10/2019

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Chuck Lingle Chuck Lingle manages the Graphics Processing Research team (formerly known as the Advanced Rendering Technology team), which invents new, forward-looking rendering, machine learning, and deep learning solutions on Intel® Graphics Technology. Before joining Intel, Chuck managed software engineering teams developing animation tools and core systems at DreamWorks*. Earlier at Autodesk*, he directed software development behind multiple releases of 3D Studio Max and next-generation digital content creation tools that interactively render and animate in complex sets.

Chuck also built flight simulator software on SGI platforms and led the development of a flight simulation renderer optimized for Cray supercomputers. He oversaw advanced research projects using Autodesk and DreamWorks tools and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) programs in flight simulator rendering and terrain generation.

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