Runs Great on Intel® Technology Certification

By Michael J Coppock,

Published:08/13/2018   Last Updated:08/13/2018

You need great quality assurance (QA) testing in the development process to release a problem-free game. But you probably don’t have the time or money to test every scenario on every platform. You can reduce your risk with efficient time-management priorities and comprehensive testing methodologies to get good coverage and reduce bug escapes, and Intel has the blueprint for you to follow.

Simplify your QA process by checking out the Runs Great on Intel® technology certification program. We can help you achieve your vision and get your game ready to launch smoothly on Intel® architecture. As part of this program, Intel has partnered with top QA labs in the industry, or handle the testing yourself. The Runs Great on Intel technology certification is a self-service, guided journey that ends with a playable game on Intel® technology. You’ll gain the following advantages and benefits:

  • Testing methodologies designed by Intel engineers.
  • Test systems are selected to give you the widest possible results on the fewest platforms, so you can be confident in your game’s performance across a multitude of Intel® powered devices.
  • No need to search for the right QA lab; we have a growing list of top companies as partners.
  • Guided journey takes out the guesswork, and remediation guides will help you fix issues and improve performance.
  • You get superior test results plus benefits from the Intel® Game Dev Program.
  • Certification on Intel graphics comes with the Runs Great on Intel® Iris® graphics text treatment for digital and print media.
  • An opportunity to be featured on
  • As a member of the Intel GameDev Program, you also get these benefits.
How it works
  1. Submit your game at Runs Great On Intel.
  2. Decide which testing method you will use: QA lab or self-test.
  3. If using a QA lab, select which of Intel’s QA partners to use and use the link provided for each. NOTE: The cost of testing is not included in the program.
  4. If you are self-testing download and follow the self-test methodology document below.
  5. If your game does not meet the performance criteria, we will give you guides and articles to help you optimize your game. Then you can have it retested to meet certification criteria.
  6. Once your game meets all the criteria, your guided journey continues on to the Get Big part of the Intel GameDev Program.
  • PC game runs on Windows® 10.
  • The game uses DirectX* technology or the OpenGL* (Vulkan*) API.
  • The game code is at least beta-level maturity. (Testing too early does not give a clear picture of launch-performance readiness.)
  • The game is localized in the English language. (In the future, the program will support games localized in other languages.)

Sign up today to take your game to the next level with the Runs Great on Intel technology certification program. Testers are standing by!

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