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Published:03/10/2015   Last Updated:07/14/2017

Intel supports the next generation scientists and engineers through ensuring students have access to the latest Intel® Software Development Tools.

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Do I get Intel support for the student program?
Yes. You may seek technical support from Intel community user forums that are followed by expert users. However, your license is not eligible for Priority Customer support at the Online Service Center. Please visit our Get Help page for all support options.
How long can I use the software?
For a 12 month period. After that, all you have to do is reapply again for access to the latest release and another full year of use.
I am a professor. Can I use the student product?
No. You may, however, have your students register and install student licenses. Alternative options are available for educators and academic researchers.
Do the features vary between the student and commercial product?
At the current time, the student products have the same features as the commercial product.
Is there a specific time period for this offering?
No. Currently there is no specific time frame for this offer.
Can I use a non-commercial license for any project that contributes to my academic graduation (e.g. Master/PhD thesis)?
Yes, as long as you are not receiving any form of compensation for your graduate work. Please refer to the End-User License Agreement for the terms of the Non-Commercial license.
I am a post-doctoral researcher. Do I qualify for Student Program?
No. However, you can get free access to Intel® Performance Libraries and may qualify for no cost Intel® Software Development Tools for Academic Researchers and Educators.
I am a student. Can I get a free license for the Rogue Wave* IMSL* Fortran Numerical library?
The Rogue Wave* IMSL* Fortran Numerical library is not an Intel product and not included in the Free Software Tools Program.

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