Usage of Intel® Performance Libraries with Intel® C++ Compiler in Visual Studio

By Varsha Madananth, Published: 09/13/2017, Last Updated: 11/01/2017


Affected products: Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016, 2017 or 2018; Intel® System Studio 2016, 2017
Visual Studio versions: all supported Visual Studio, see Intel C++ Compiler Release Notes for details.

Compilation of application with use of Intel® Performance Libraries by Intel® C++ Compiler fails in Microsoft* Visual Studio and produces the warnings like:
“Could not expand [MKL|TBB|DAAL|IPP] ProductDir variable. The registry information may be incorrect." (or) "Could not expand [MKL|TBB|DAAL|IPP] ProductDir variable. Corresponding version of Intel(R) [MKL|TBB|DAAL|IPP] is not installed or the registry information may be incorrect." 

There can be two root causes:

  1. The library was not installed with the selected version of Intel® C++ Compiler.
    “Use Intel® MKL”, “Use Intel® DAAL”, “Use Intel® IPP” and “Use Intel® TBB” properties in Visual Studio mimic behavior of /Qmkl, /Qdaal, /Qipp and /Qtbb compiler options. Include and library paths to the performance library installed together with selected Intel® C++ compiler are set up.
    To fix the compilation, please, install the necessary performance libraries (Intel MKL, Intel DAAL, Intel IPP, and/or Intel TBB) from the same package from which selected versions of Intel® C++ Compiler was installed.
    If you need to use different versions of Intel® Performance Libraries with Intel® C++ Compiler in Visual Studio, instead of using “Use Intel® MKL”, “Use Intel® DAAL”, “Use Intel® IPP” and “Use Intel® TBB” properties, please, manually, specify paths to headers and libraries of performance library in
    “Project” > “Properties” > “VC++ Directories” and libraries in
    “Project” > “Properties” > “Linker” > “Input” > “Additional Dependencies”.
    For more information on correct paths and list of libraries, see the Intel® Math Kernel Library, Intel® DAAL, Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives, and Intel® Threading Building Blocks documentation.
  2. Installation failed and registry is incorrect
    Workaround: Repair Intel® Parallel Studio XE/Intel® System Studio installation. If still does not work, please report to Intel Online Service Center.

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