Using H.264/AVC DirectX* Video Acceleration with the Intel® G45/GM45 Express Chipsets

By Eric Sardella,

Published:09/08/2009   Last Updated:09/08/2009


The Intel® G45/GM45 Express Chipsets includes the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD with built-in support for full 1080p high definition video playback, including Blu-ray* movies. The powerful video engine provides users with smooth playback without the need for add-in cards or decoders. Acceleration is provided via the Microsoft DirectX* Video Acceleration API.

Microsoft DirectX* Video Acceleration (DXVA) is an application programming interface for speeding up the decode process of video content by using the capabilities of the graphics hardware. Software codec's and applications can use DXVA to offload certain intensive operations which frees the CPU to do additional work.

This whitepaper discusses the implementation guidelines for the decoding of H.264/AVC video using DXVA on the Intel® G45/GM45 Express Chipsets. The information is intended to be used in conjunction with the DirectX Video Acceleration Specification for H.264/AVC Decoding, available from the Microsoft Corporation. The content in this paper was developed with close coordination of the authors of Media Player Classic Home Cinema* All of the reference code is available for download in the SourceForge repository.

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