15.46 driver lets developers accelerate computer vision (CV) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads on Intel Graphics.

By Michael J Coppock, Published: 07/11/2017, Last Updated: 07/11/2017

With the release of Intel graphics driver 15.46, developers can accelerate computer vision (CV) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads on Intel GPUs.  Supported on Intel graphics spanning Intel® Atom®, Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® processors, this enables AI and CV usages in markets from PCs and personal assistants to drones, robotics and network video recorders. 

Learn more on running CV and AI on Intel GPUs see the whitepaper: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/accelerating-deep-learning-inference-with-intel-processor-graphics

Developers can access the open source compute library for Deep Neural Networks (clDNN) and links to the Computer Vision Software Development Kit (CV SDK) and Deep Learning Toolkit to accelerate their AI inference workloads on Intel GPUs at https://01.org/cldnn

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