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Published: 07/07/2011   Last Updated: 07/07/2011

In this post I've collected a lot of links on the topic of 64-bit C/C++ software development. These include my articles and articles by my colleagues in the sphere of developing safe and efficient 64-bit code; FAQ's and a training course. There are also many reviews of third-party articles on 64-bit software development. Enjoy yourself studying the materials.

1. Articles:

2. Lessons on development of 64-bit C/C++ applications

Main page:

The course is composed of 28 lessons devoted to introduction to 64-bit systems, issues of building 64-bit applications, methods of searching errors specific to 64-bit code and code optimization. Such questions are also considered as estimate of the cost of moving to 64-bit systems and rationality of this move.

The contents of the course:

    • Lesson 03. Porting code to 64-bit systems. The pros and cons.

    • Lesson 04. Creating the 64-bit configuration.

    • Lesson 07. The issues of detecting 64-bit errors.

    • Lesson 08. Static analysis for detecting 64-bit errors.

    • Lesson 10. Pattern 02. Functions with variable number of arguments.

    • Lesson 14. Pattern 06. Changing an array's type.

    • Lesson 16. Pattern 08. Memsize-types in unions.

    • Lesson 18. Pattern 10. Storage of integer values in double.

    • Lesson 19. Pattern 11. Serialization and data interchange.

    • Lesson 22. Pattern 14. Overloaded functions.

    • Lesson 23. Pattern 15. Growth of structures' sizes.

    • Lesson 25. Working with patterns of 64-bit errors in practice.

    • Lesson 26. Optimization of 64-bit programs.

    • Lesson 27. Peculiarities of creating installers for a 64-bit environment.

    • Lesson 28. Estimating the cost of 64-bit migration of C/C++ applications.

You may open all the lessons in one file (the print version as well).

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6. Detect 64-Bit Portability Issues

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