An Intel® Atom™ Processor Designed for Windows* 8 Tablets

By Miao Wei, Published: 12/21/2012, Last Updated: 12/21/2012

The recently launched Intel® Atom™ Processor Z2760 is a highly integrated, dual core system-on-a-chip (SoC). The Z2760 processor was designed with many features and benefits for tablets running Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. In a small 14mmx14mm chipset package size, the Z2760 processor can fit in a thin and light tablet form factor, as small as 8.5mm thin and 1.5 pounds in weight.

In this blog we will take a glance on some of this processor’s features mainly from a Windows application developer’s perspectives. 


High Performance

Designed and manufactured with Intel® Atom™ Microarchitecture and 32nm processing technology, the Z2760 processor features 2 Cores / 4 HyperThreads and up to 1.80GHz processor frequency. It comes with up to 553MHz Intel Graphics Media Accelerator to deliver high graphics performance. Its computing and graphic performance strength is good news for software developers to explore new Windows Store app features in gaming, social networking, business, and other categories.


Low Power Consumption and Long Battery Life

The Z2760 processor is optimized in power usage to deliver a long battery life which is suited for tablets and other mobile form factors. It can deliver up to three weeks of standby time without recharging the battery.  With S0ix State, it natively supports Windows Connected Standby power model. Based on this power model, application developers can develop apps with fresh content updates in a consistently long battery life.


Network, Sensor, and Camera

The Z2760 processor includes support for Wi-Fi*, 3G WWAN, and 4G LTE* WWAN to enable the tablet’s network connectivity. It supports a wide range of sensors. With the proximity sensors it supports One-tap Near Field Communication (NFC) which allows pairing between the tablet and other devices. Other sensor features which the Z2760 processor supports include motion sensors (accelerometers, gyros, etc.), location sensors (GPS, etc.), ALS, and others. These sensors provide a foundation for developing apps with enriched and compelling tablet user experiences.

The Z2760 processor Features an integrated Image Signal Processor (ISP), with support for an up to 8MP primary camera and an up to 2.1 MP secondary camera. The advanced imaging features provide supports for applications for high quality photo and video recording and video chatting.



With the security features such as Secure Boot and firmware-based Intel® Platform Trust Technology, the Z2760 processor provides a safe and secure computing platform in the consumer tablet space. It is also ideal in business and enterprise computing environments which have more strict security requirements and policies. For application developers, it provides a platform for secure business apps.


Windows 8 Support

Built on the Intel® x86 architecture, the Z2760 processor is designed for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro tablets. Natively it supports both the new Windows Store app UI and the Desktop mode. Using Windows Runtime and development tools such as Visual Studio* 2012, the application developers can develop Windows Store UI and desktop applications with enhanced user experiences.


More Information

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 Miao Wei works as a software engineer with Intel Corporation’s Software and Services Group.


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