Can you be more devoted to your code?

Published: 11/18/2012, Last Updated: 11/18/2012

I'd be surprised if you were and would love to hear about it.

It all starts with Intel's and Code Project's coding competition App Innovation Contest for a MultiTouch application. I heard about it a couple of days before the submission deadline and rapidly created a basic photo editing application (Ultrabook Photo Editor). It was nice enough for me to be one of the 300 people who received a MultiTouch Ultrabook. An amazing piece of technology. I find myself using the mouse and the touch alternatively. Mouse mostly for dragging and for marking items and touch mostly for clicking things on the screen. There are times when we move the mouse to locations on the screen and then adjust back (look for it and you'll see). I found myself using the touch instead, so "Are you sure: YES / NO" and such don't bother me as much as before.

It seems that C# does not have full MultiTouch support without WPF so I went ahead and started creating a MultiTouch Panel. Initially I thought that I wanted it to provide Gestures as events but then I realized that I can make it a multi-page panel just like .Net's TabControl, only my control would have a location in space for every page so that moving between pages is done by swiping. When I have this infrastructure the rest of the app is pretty much straightforward and such a component can probably be useful for other people too. Today everyone would have to create their own Gesture infrastructure (or copy-paste one from the Internet). This control hides all the MultiTouch details, and I can probably design infrastructure better than most programmers (only due to experience).

I think that I can still make the deadline, bugs here and there, need to figure out MultiTouch, which parameters need to be calibrated by the programmer using my component, and still not at the point of making page transitions look cool... and then there is THAT.

Can you be more devoted to your code than I am? I keep hearing that we won't let thing disrupt our everyday life and life goes on. Sounds like a good idea looking at it from the side. And then it happened. My mom called to ask if my wife and I are OK and how are the kids. Apparently they heard an alarm and the muffled noise was a missile hitting Tel Aviv. We were fine. We were far enough not to hear the noise. A day later I got the call. That was during the weekend. This is the kind of calls you know you are going to get and it is only a matter of time. I got the call. I was called to help my country.

No, I don't shoot people, I'm a technical guy, and after my mom had to run out of the house to save her life I had to go. I still don't shoot people and I am still a technical guy but it feels like a war zone here.

That's me wearing a bullet proof vest. Where I am right now you only have 15 seconds to run to safety. I didn't make it on time the last time the alarm sounded. Before I reached the shelter we heard a few strong bangs. Can't tell which direction it was. I'm still here today so I guess it didn't fall on me ;)

Since then I am with the bullet proof vest at all times. I even went to sleep in the car with the vest on, and I am typing these words wearing the vest.

I have devoted my life to software, the community, and my family (ordered by timeline, not priority). I have just decided that I am not going to let people who devoted their life to piling up weapons to dictate how everyone else should be living their lives. That's just how I am. I'll insist when I think that something should not be this way. I'll insist on a bug until it grows tired enough to solve itself and I'll stick to what I believe in with people too.

So here I am. Far away from home because some told himself that if he would kill and scare enough people I won't have time to submit my app on time to win the competition. Well... I can't make any promises but I sure can fight for it!

So here I am. In my car. In my office. I have breakfast and dinner here with me. I have my Ultrabook here with me. Don't worry, not the MultiTouch one. It's irreplaceable and it only takes one rocket on my car to take it out and then I would really be out of the contest. Can't test a MultiTouch application without a MultiTouch device you know...

That's Visual Studio 2012 in case you were wondering. I learned that following a path on the screen with a mouse behaves differently than it does with a finger.

So I am posting this blog just to let some people know that I am going to submit this app in hope to win the contest and if you want me out of the competition then I guess that you'll just have to shoot me!

Cheers :)

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