CPAN tbb.pod: Parallel Perl using TBB, Kiwi Style

By James R.,

Published:05/10/2011   Last Updated:05/10/2011

TBB is available on CPAN as a library thanks to Sam Vilain in New Zealand.

As I mentioned in my prior blog, I've been in touch with some dedicated fans of Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB)  in New Zealand who have been looking at adding parallelism, using TBB, to Wordpress, PHP, HipHop, Perl, and other open source projects.  They have published code, papers and even a conference talk on their work.  They have a web site explaining some of their work.
The PHP (HipHop) + TBB project, which I discussed last time, is hosted at
The Perl + TBB project which I'm learning about now is hosted at

The tbb.mod module for Perl provides parallel_for and parallel_reduce interfaces to the TBB API functions to Perl programs. Sam wants to add more - esp. pipeline and task. He wants to use parallel_for and parallel_reduce, first, to gain more understanding and community involvement.

I hope you enjoy seeing some activity and results with PHP and Perl so far!

My hat's off to Sam and Lenz for their work so far, and for telling me about it, and sharing it with all of us!

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