Create Your Own Intel Global IoT DevFest III Experience

Published: 06/02/2018, Last Updated: 06/02/2018

Mix and match IoT trainings, demos and networking opportunities to get more from the sessions that matter to you. Don't just "attend" Intel Global IoT DevFest III – customize it!

To help you get maximum benefit from this two-day virtual conference dedicated to all things IoT, Intel Global IoT DevFest III features an interactive agenda that you can sort by deep-dive training tracks, level of expertise, language, 1:1 networking opportunities, and more. Register today and arrange your conference schedule to focus on the emerging trends, leading-edge breakthroughs and commercial applications most relevant to you.

Intel Global I O T DevFest

Is there a special IoT innovator or thought leader you'd like to engage? At Intel Global IoT DevFest, featured speakers will be scheduling their own private sessions with participants in 15-minute blocks. Be sure to submit your request early – personal engagement slots are certain to fill up quickly.

Draw fresh inspiration from a breadth of industry experience

Intel Global IoT DevFest III brings together more than 80 of the brightest and most influential leaders whose companies are shaping tomorrow's Internet of Things.

Keynote speakers include:
* Richard Zhang, PhD, Principal Engineer and CTO, Intel Corporation – "Winning IoT Opportunity in China Together"
* Don Yu, Sr. Assistant Vice President, Product Management Division, IEI Integration Corporation - Unlocking Value of Industrial Artificial of Things
* Joel Spolsky, Founder and CEO, Stack Overflow – "Joel on Software"
* Gareth Noyes, Chief Strategy Officer, Wind River – "Fluid Computing in a Software-defined World"


* Morris Beton, Vice President, Core Visual Computing Group General Manager, Developer Relations Division, Intel Corporation - Intel & Developers - Co-designing the Future
* Luca Cipriani, CIO, Arduino – "From Sensors to Data Analysis with Intel Edge Devices and Arduino* Create"
* Fabrizio Del Maffeo, VP & Managing Director, AAEON Technology Europe BV, Founder of UP Bridge the Gap – "AI on the Edge – Spreading Intelligence in a Connected World"
* Bill Pearson, Director, IoT Developer Programs, Intel Corporation - Let's End with Why

​A Guided Track for Every IoT Interest

To help you choose the most appropriate sessions for your IoT interests, the Intel Global IoT DevFest III interactive agenda is easily searchable by training track, keynote, and even Mandarin language.

Training tracks for Intel Global IoT DevFest III are designed and conducted by IoT developers, for developers. In each hour-long session, leading IoT experts – from within Intel as well as nearly 50 outside presenters – conduct workshops, deep-dive trainings, proof-of-concept demonstrations, Q&A segments, and real-world business use cases. Guided training covers an array of IoT-related topics within four tracks.

Intel Global I O T DevFest Tracks

Before DevFest, Preview Demos in the Virtual Showcase

Another way you can customize Intel Global IoT DevFest III start your experience early. Our virtual showcase is available now – giving you a sneak peek at a selection of the product and technology demonstrations from Intel as well as industry allies. For example, learn about a Smart Vending solution from AAEON, Store Traffic Analytics from Advantech, Industrial Workload Consolidation from Wind River and more. View Demo Showcase.

Intel Global IoT DevFest III can be time-shifted in the other direction, too: sessions, demos and other content will be available for encore viewing up to two months following the live conference.

Smart, connected professionals for a smart, connected planet

Register buttonIntel Global IoT DevFest III is your opportunity to network with others in the IoT ecosystem who can help you on your developer journey: engage with peers for knowledge sharing and collaboration, as well as respected thought leaders whose insights will help nurture and advance our worldwide IoT developer community.

Intel Global IoT DevFest III is only a few days away, so don't wait – register today and start planning your two-day training schedule – custom-made for the way you do IoT.

For more information, contact Grace Metri.

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