Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks January 2018

By Elizabeth Warner, Published: 01/31/2018, Last Updated: 01/31/2018

Every month I pick out a few projects from Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. There is a diverse array of projects on the site, so narrowing it down to just five can be difficult! With that in mind, the theme of this month's post is: Making Things Easier. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to find out why each of these projects caught my eye and then hop over to mesh to see what other projects interest you.

Wonda VR

Wonda VR makes it easier for content creators and institutions to create and share highly engaging virtual reality (VR) learning experiences on any VR platform. Intel® Software Innovator Jeet Raut created Wonda VR so that anyone with a 360° camera and basic video editing skills can explore the power of VR. Without the need for a costly game engine developer, publishing across VR platforms becomes more affordable and accessible.

Sensey: Simplified Sensor Based Event and Gesture Detection

Intel Software Innovator Nishant Srivastava created an Android* library that makes it simpler and easier to play with sensor events and detect gestures. The library eliminates most boilerplate code for dealing with setting up sensor-based event and gesture detection on Android devices. Sensey has been showcased in the Must Have Libraries List published by CodePath, the Top 5 Android Libraries by COBE, and the Best Android Libraries for Developers by CloudRAIL.

Edge Computer Vision on Intel® NUC

Edge Computer Vision on the Intel® NUC is Intel Software Innovator Paul Langdon’s latest project where he walks you through a Do-It-Yourself implementation of the Amazon* DeepLens on the Intel NUC. Using AWS* Sagemaker, Apache* MXNet, and Jupyter* Notebook you can start building your own machine learning developer toolkit and begin exploring the basics of deep learning.


Intel Software Innovator Siddhant Agarwal has developed the Cryptopedia app, which has been published for both Google* Assistant and Amazon* Alexa. Since cryptocurrency has been a trending topic in the news lately, Siddhant wanted to educate people on what blockchain is and what various cryptocurrencies are and their purpose. The Alexa app shares interesting facts on the topic, while the Google app tests your knowledge of blockchain, initial coin offerings, and various cryptocurrencies. 

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