Improve Your App’s Sound with the Dolby* Audio API

Published on January 29 , 2014


Whether you’re developing a game or an app that uses music or video, one thing that can make your creation stand out is great audio quality. Creating an impressive sound experience just got easier with the Dolby* Audio API.

The free Dolby Audio API allows apps to leverage Dolby’s audio processing technologies that are integrated on featured Intel®-based Android* devices.  The API is easy to integrate, and the impact is immediate. You can take advantage of the API in about 15 minutes, with no changes to your overall workflow. The result: Optimized audio with more natural, balanced sound in your x86-compiled Android application.

With the Dolby Audio API, you can easily put these enhancements to work in your app.

Enhancements include:

  • Volume leveling: maintains constant volume across all content within your application
  • Surround virtualizer: creates a surround-sound experience
  • Audio optimizer: gives the user a natural and louder, distortion-free sound
  • Dolby digital pass-through: allows direct home theater connections for a full multi-channel experience

There are pre-set profiles to choose from depending on the type of application you are developing.

  • Music: Applies equalization and dynamic range control to enrich instrumental and vocal quality in recorded music
  • Movie: Clarifies the dialogue while providing the best representation of the full dynamic range of the program
  • Game: Creates a “live” space to best bring out the effect of fast-moving objects within your game
  • Voice: Customized for the reproduction of speech patterns and the tonal range of the human voice

When you download the API package, you’ll get everything you need to get started, including the Java* library, javadocs, a quick-start guide, and sample code showing exactly how to invoke Dolby APIs.  Also available is the Dolby Audio Plug-in for Unity* for Unity developers. Download the free Dolby Audio API at



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