Global IoT DevFest Returns – Bigger & Better

Published on September 06 , 2017

Submit Papers & Register for Online Talks by ~100 Industry Experts Over 32 Hours of Developer Training and Mentoring


If you benefited from the first IoT online forum in June sponsored by Intel and WiththeBest, there’s good news – Global IoT DevFest II picks up Nov. 7-8 with more of what you expect from a worldwide virtual event: more keynotes, more presenters, more demos, more 1:1 mentoring, and even more hours in a day.

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Global IoT DevFest II  will again provide a worldwide platform for industry thought leaders, innovators, developers, and enthusiasts to contribute their knowledge and visions, conduct deep-dive training, and highlight real-world use cases of IoT solutions in action.   A total of 16 hours for each of two days. 

Over the course of 32 hours – doubled from the June event to accommodate participants in various time zones – IoT developers of all experience levels will share  their IoT journey; teach and learn in a host of session topics; and grow their developer skills through 1:1 mentoring opportunities.  Collectively, DevFest II participants will showcase cutting-edge research and innovation as they advance the state of IoT development.

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Global IoT DevFest debuted last June with a premiere online event that drew participants from 94 countries to hear 46 addresses from leading IoT experts.  Like the June event, Intel hosts DevFest II at no charge to attendees. This learning opportunity is one more example of Intel investing in training, tools and other resources to help committed IoT developers expand the Internet of Things.

Speaker candidates:  Submit your abstracts

Got a game-changing IoT application you’d like to showcase?  IoT experts and innovators who wish to be considered DevFest II speakers are invited to submit suggested topics by Oct. 11.  Presentations for DevFest will fall within four tracks:

Track 1: Developing IoT Solutions for a Connected, Smart, and Autonomous World 

Track 1This track introduces the three phases of IoT development: connecting the unconnected, creating smart and connected things, and building a software-defined autonomous world. It also covers the IoT ecosystem and the latest developments affecting it by highlighting emerging technologies, solutions and trends. Get a closer look at Intel’s array of developer tools, SDKs, technologies and other resources – an entire suite of ingredients that are available to help you build IoT solutions while unlocking new value across all the phases of IoT.

Track 2: Architecting, Integrating and Managing IoT Solutions 

Track 2An IoT platform must connect devices, collect and analyze data, meet scores of standards, be able to scale to countless devices and messages, and be easily managed. This track focuses on overcoming the challenges that IoT solution developers and system integrators typically face in architecture, design, development, integration, optimization, and management of their IoT solutions. It also covers how to enable the full potential of IoT by addressing security and privacy challenges through a combination of, education and good design. In the process of doing all these things, the IoT platform become a force for business transformation.

Track 3: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence 

track 3The Internet of Things represents huge opportunities for developers as everyday items evolve beyond simple connectivity, becoming actually intelligent. Artificial Intelligence is handling ever-greater amounts of data to improve the learning environment and increase the possibilities of what can be done with edge and cloud analytics. And, it’s combining multiple data streams to identify patterns and deliver useful context than would be otherwise available. This track delves into the big promise of IoT, big data, AI and related technologies to generate actionable insights for better decision making, integrate the physical and virtual worlds, and improve the human condition.

Track 4: Uncovering Real Business Opportunities from the Evolution of IoT 

Track 4This track moves IoT out of the lab and into the real world of practical use cases, disruptive new business models, and fresh ways of enabling customers to interact with their professional and personal environment. Organizations from small businesses to enterprise organizations are embracing IoT within their workflows -- from freight tracking and asset management to use cases applying smart videos in a variety of industries like retail and manufacturing. Learn how the world’s most forward-thinking companies are finding IoT applications within their operation.


Apply to speak at the online IoT Global DevFest II Nov. 7 and 8 during 32 hours of continuous developer training, sharing and knowledge building.

Register now to join fellow IoT developers at the virtual Global IoT DevFest II as we explore all things IoT, sharing knowledge, tools and training to connect the unconnected, create smart and connected things, and build a software-defined autonomous world. 

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