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Published:03/01/2016   Last Updated:03/01/2016

The Intel® RealSense™ SDK has been discontinued. No ongoing support or updates will be available.


Home Theater is an Intel® RealSense™-based app which provides a stunning home movie experience that is just controlled by hand gestures by leveraging the Intel® RealSense™ SDK. The app also seamlessly integrates with WiDi to stream the movies from the Home Theater app of your Ultrabook or 2-in-1 device to your HDTV.

App Overview

The fixed layout design does not expand to the height and width of the screen. A user using Asus Zenbook* with 1920 x 1080 resolution will see half of the screen empty if he sees an app designed in a fixed layout of 1024 x 600. All images and components in a fixed layout are all based on absolute x and y parameters and would not change.

Zooming Layout Design

Reclining on a couch and watching a movie in the laptop is almost everyone's favorite relaxation mode. But the experience is not perfect because you need to reach out often to the laptop to use the input devices or touch to control the player app in order to browse, play, pause, stop or do any other movie playback controls. This totally spoils the movie watching experience. Also you cannot watch the movie in a larger screen like a HD TV because there is no seamless connectivity between your laptop and the TV.

Home Theater is a brand new movie experience powered by perceptual computing technologies. Home Theater is an initial version of a huge idea of transforming the home movie watching experience of users.

Home Theater has a stunning interface and a seamless navigation mechanism powered by simple gestures so that you can relax in your couch and navigate your movies at the same time. Home Theater has a beautiful movie shelf which you can navigate to select a movie to view details and play. You can pause, resume or stop the movie any time. All of these actions are controlled by gestures powered by perceptual computing.

To achieve the seamless gesture based interaction the Home Theater app leverages the Intel RealSense SDK. The Intel® RealSense™ camera will be attached to the device screen to capture the gestures. The Home Theater app is a Windows 8 Desktop App but it is optimized for full screens to ensure a totally awesome movie watching experience for users.

App Features

Application modules

● Movie Shelf

● Movie Player

● Movie Store

● Gesture Control Center

● Watch Later and Favorites List

● App Preferences

● Intel WiDi Integration to HDTV.

Gestures used on the app navigation

● Wave hand gesture – Activate app

● Swipe Left or Right – Navigate between movies in movie shelf and store

● Swipe Up or Down – Navigate between movies in movie store

● Open Hand Gesture – View details of the movie in focus

● Thumbs up (In Movie Shelf) – Play the movie

● Thumbs down – Stop the movie

● Long Grab Gesture – Pause the movie

● Numbers gesture – Rate the movie

● Thumbs up (in Movie Store) – Add the movie to shelf

● Thumbs down (in Movie Store ) - Cancel adding the movie to shelf

● Victory Sign (in Movie Shelf) – Add to favorites

● Victory Sign (in Movie Store) – Add to watch later

Time for Participation and overall experience

● The gesture recognition and the app response to the gesture has been finely calibrated and the response time is less than 0.5 seconds.

RealSense features

RealSense Feature Utilization

The RealSense features are the backbone of the Home Theater app since it is envisioned to provide a totally new movie watching experience without needing the user to touch the input devices in their Ultrabooks or tablets. Hence the ability to control the app and get information by using RealSense gestures is the real cornerstone of the app.

Leveraging the RealSense features, the app enables the users to get select a movie and control the movie play back seamlessly with just a gesture instead of having to use the keyboard or mouse or buttons.

Movie Library

Build Your Own Home Theater Library

Home Theater provides an opportunity for users to build their own movie library by adding new movies as an when they purchase it. The app will provide a mechanism to retrieve movie content from legitimate DVDs and other digital content using our inbuilt DRM protection framework.

Stream from Popular Streaming Services

Home Theater seamlessly integrates with the top streaming services and digital marketplaces to ensure that the movies you purchased or rented is also available in the Home Theater app. Our custom Home Theater integration API will retrieve all your content from the streaming services or marketplaces and provide it in your Possible Services Integration: Netflix, Hulu, BlockBuster, iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, Google Play.

Integration Flow:

Aural components

1. Voice Command based Movie Selection The user can navigate the app using voice controls by speaking the number of the movie which is shown in the shelf to play and the corresponding movie will be played.

2. Voice Based Movie Playback control The user can use use voice commands like play, pause or stop to control movie play back and also to go to the next or previous movie.

3. Movie Information Summary The app can provide a voice summary of the movie story and other details like rating without the need of the user to keep looking at it.

Implementation Strategy

Rapid Application Development FrameWork The app will be developed using our custom Rapid Application Development Framework which leverages pre-built frameworks and components instead of building the app from scratch.

Intel WiDi Integration to HDTV

The app is also envisioned to leverage the WiDi integration and play the movie on a HDTV with the help of an Intel WiDi Adaptor. The focus will be to ensure that the sync is seamless across the devices.


1.Home Theater is a RealSense based app which provides a stunning home movie experience that is just controlled by hand gestures by leveraging the Intel RealSense SDK.

2. The app leverages Intel RealSense SDK, gestures and voice to control the media device.

3. The app can also use the WiDi Integration to play the movie on a HDTV with the help of a WiDi Adaptor.

4. This is one use case where the Intel RealSense SDK can be used in day to day lives in addition to other scenarios.


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