Intel® AI DevCon: An Innovator Perspective

Published: 06/29/2018, Last Updated: 06/29/2018

Intel® Software Innovators Share Their Experiences at Intel’s Premier AI Event

Around the globe, Intel® AI DevCon (Intel® AIDC) brought together top minds in data science, machine and deep learning, application development, infrastructure architecture, and research to share groundbreaking ideas and show practical implementations that break barriers between models and reality.

Industry experts including Andrew Ng and representatives from Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and more converged at the San Francisco Palace of Fine arts to share their real-world case studies and research, detailing the future of artificial intelligence at Intel’s premier AI event.

Select Intel® Software Innovators had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco and demonstrate their work at AIDC. Below is a summary of their projects and experiences.

Smart Trans is a solution focused on making transportation safer by helping to prevent fatigue-related accidents in real-time using state-of-the-art computer vision.

“AIDC gave me the opportunity to receive a lot of valuable feedback on my project from people in the industry. I thought the event was outstanding and the talks were amazing – especially the opening and closing keynotes. This was a top-level AI conference and I can’t wait to come back next year.” 
Silviu-Tudor Serban, Bucharest, Romania

Clean Water AI uses artificial intelligence and high definition cameras to detect water contamination such as dangerous bacteria like e-coli and ensure safety in water sources.

Doctor Hazel helps to screen for skin cancer in real-time without internet and is powered by Movidius NCS.

“This was an awesome event and helped to give me a broader audience as well as draw additional interest towards the topics of my two projects. I really enjoyed the demos and the closing keynote – I can’t wait until next year!”
Peter Ma, San Francisco, California

Party Pi detecting emotions via a camera with machine learning using a deep neural network trained and compiled for the Movidius Neural Compute Stick.

“Impressive production in terms of celebrities – Andrew Ng, the band Chainsmokers – some interesting talks and a lovely location at the Palace of Fine Arts. It was a great opportunity for networking and I made a connection with the NASA Frontier Development Lab people and also expanded my view of what to do after I finish my Masters degree.”
Justin Shenk, Osnabrück, Germany

Robotic Ball is a camera ball that rolls around the home as a security camera and offers more capabilities that other home or commercial security apparatus.

“My mind was blown – the exhibits, atmosphere and networking were all incredible. I’ll forever remember the Chainsmokers private show. It was great to connect with other inventors as well. I loved being around like-minded individuals who share the same passion for growth in the AI community. It was a positive culture shock and exposure to people in my line of work and I would come back again without hesitation.” Brian Dowling, North Richland Hills, Texas

Video Presentations & Upcoming Events

If you weren’t able to make it to Intel AI DevCon this year, or missed a few of the sessions, all 45+ keynotes and presentations are available on demand. Upcoming Intel AIDC events will be held in Bangalore, India (August 8, 2018), and Beijing, China (Fall 2018).

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