Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest – 2016 Runners Up

By Mitchell J H Lum,

Published: 10/06/2016   Last Updated: 10/06/2016

Each year we celebrate the winners of the Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest. This year’s field had both a large of number of submissions and was very deep with wonderful games that our internal screeners enjoyed play testing.  The strength of the field was evident through the intra-office arguments around scoring and which games would go on to the external judges.  In the end, I sent the judges 6 finalists in both the Action and Open/Other categories in order to avoid irreparable damage within our cubeland.

This year for the first time, we would like to publicly acknowledge and recognize all of the runners up! These are the games that went on to the final round of evaluation by our external panel of judges.

Genre Game Team/Studio



Slight Super Powers





Tailwind: Prologue

Cipher Prime

Adventure/Role Playing

Lords of New York

Lunchtime Studios

Adventure/Role Playing

Burly Men at Sea

Brain and Brain

Adventure/Role Playing

West of Loathing


Adventure/Role Playing

1979 Revolution: Black Friday

iNK Stories



Visiontrick Media



Gattai Games


BFF or Die

Honey Tribe Studios


Light Fall

Bishop Games


The King's Bird

Serenity Forge


Land of Traps



On Rusty Trails

Black Pants Game Studio


Splitter Critters



Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead

Green Sauce Games


Four Sided Fantasy

Ludo Land / Serenity Forge


elaine! - Slight Super Powers

This is elaine! A minimalistic tile-matching puzzle video game by Slight Super Powers.

Guide your player tile around a sensile platform and match the incoming pattern in time. In this deceptively simple game, you'll have to deal with a shifting screen, multi-colored patterns of increasing speed and complexity, and an unrelenting countdown timer synced to brain-pumping music. Inspired by an old Japanese game show (e.g. Human Tetris), an electronic game of memory (Simon) and a physical game of timing (Dance Dance Revolution), this game was built upon a simple concept that is approachable to anyone, easy to learn, and difficult to master.

The team behind Slight Super Powers consists of a single person with a background in engineering moonlighting as an indie game developer.

Inversus – Hypersect

The playfield looks simple at first glance, but once the action begins, complexity unfolds at a rapid pace. INVERSUS is a negative-space shooter for one to four friends. Player movement is constrained to opposite colors of a black and white grid. My walls are your paths and your walls are my paths. Each shot flips tile colors in an attempt to block, trap and close in on the enemy. Firing a bullet opens up a path for you while also closing off a path for me. Both online and local couch play are supported. The competitive versus mode pits players against each other in 1v1 or 2v2 battles. The single-player and cooperative two-player modes pit players against endless waves of enemies as they fight for high scores on an ever-changing board.

TailWind: Prologue – Cipher Prime


You are the last survivor of an alien invasion that has all but destroyed your homeworld. Barely escaping the atmosphere in your experimental ship, the Keravnós, you realize you don’t have enough fuel to survive.

You are going to die.

F$#! it. If this is your time, you might as well spend it doing what you do best: aerial ballet. Rain from the heavens as a bolt of lightning in one final blaze of glory.

Adventure/Role Playing

Lords of New York -Lunchtime Studios, LLC

Lords of New York is a 1920s Poker RPG. Set in the mafia controlled New York City of 1927, players venture into the city's dangerous underworld, working their way through a secret poker tournament. This isn't just a poker game about playing cards though, it's a game about story, quests, talents, drama and most of all, it's a game about people. Using Lunchtime Studios own 2D animation technology, their animators, storytellers and all-star voice acting cast bring dozens of characters to life. Players must use their unique poker talents to cheat, analyze, and manipulate their way to victory. With newly added multiplayer support, gamers can either play a clean game or test their friendships with a well-timed cheat.

Burly Men at Sea- Brain and Brain

Burly Men at Sea is a folktale about a trio of large, bearded fishermen who step away from the ordinary to seek adventure. Set in the waters of early 20th-century Scandinavia, the game's story branches through a series of encounters with creatures from folklore. The player acts as storyteller and wayfinder, shaping the narrative around three ungainly heroes as they set sail for the unknown.

West of Loathing - Asymmetric

West of Loathing is a single player slapstick adventure RPG set in the Wild West. It has tons of branching narrative, turn-based tactical combat, and delicious character advancement. It's basically a stick-figure Skyrim with beans and big hats.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday – iNK Stories

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a choice driven, narrative game that brings players into the brooding world of a nation on the verge of collapse. Play as Reza, an aspiring photojournalist, and make life and death decisions as you survive the gritty streets of Iran in the late 1970’s.


Pavilion - Visiontrick Media

Pavilion, the fourth-person puzzling adventure from Visiontrick Media, throws you directly into its mysterious world without any text tutorials or beginning explanations. It is a puzzle game portrayed through exploration and audio-visual imagery. By interacting and observing you gradually, bit by bit, learn things about both the puzzling gameplay and the world itself.

Pavilion takes place in a world unknown to both the player and the main character. A surreal dream-like place where reality clash with fantasy. Fully realised in beautiful hand-crafted 2d graphics and dreamy ambient music that makes for an unforgettable audio-visual experience.

Stifled- Gattai Games

Stifled is a Mic-Enabled Sound-Based Stealth Thriller, where sound is the only way you see and the enemies HEAR your fear. In Stifled, the sounds made by your in-game character and yourself through microphone input reveal the otherwise hidden world through ‘echolocation’. However, undue noise will attract the attention of creatures lurking in the darkness. To survive, you will have to tread the line between making sounds to see, and staying quiet to stay hidden.


Lightfall -Bishop Games

Light Fall is a 2D immersive platformer that wants to redefine the genre and offer a fresh and exciting experience to the players. With its beautiful art style, its intriguing storyline and its innovative game mechanic in the Shadow Core, Light Fall is truly unique. The player will enter the strange world of Numbra, where darkness prevails over the light, and embark on a quest to uncover his mysterious past and save the inhabitants of this forgotten world.

The King's Bird - Serenity Forge

Escape into a world kept secret by a mysterious tyrant and discover the truth about your freedom. The King's Bird is a momentum-driven game that seamlessly combines parkour with aerial movement. Dash, glide, and flow through the world with precision and grace.

Land of Traps - RedSe3dStudio

Land of Traps is a competitive 3D platformer combined with global leaderboards. The goal is to get a seed in each level and bring it to a specific finish zone. Each level will have their own unique challenges to be completed and there will be two different time modes per level. Each time mode will have a leaderboard to show the best scores of the players around the world and in order to be on the top of the leaderboards, the player must finish the levels as fast as he can. Only the best time will be used on the leaderboards so the people who love to do speed run will be happy. Also there will be some hidden levels and Boss fights.

On Rusty Trails - Black Pants Game Studio


On Rusty Trails is a modern, illustrative platformer, set in a world constantly reacting to your change in identity. You are Elvis. Home owner, triangular metal person and lover of dryness. A sudden thunderstorm leaves your house dissolved into a pile of rubble. Only lightning-fast reactions will keep you from a looming rusty funeral. Don your Shifty Suit to incognito yourself and and walk among suspicious hairy folk. Perilous puzzles and prejudiced platforms will bar your way in this deceptively complex gaming experience.


Split Critters – Rac7

Split and shift the world to rearrange reality and get those critters home safe.  Splitter Critters was originally built for the Ludum Dare 72 hour game jam where the theme was Shapeshift. After seeing it's potential we began working on a fully fledged version immediately. Splitter Critters is currently scheduled to release in late 2016 for Steam, iOS and Android.

Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead - Green Sauce Games

On this epic solitaire adventure, help Manuel collect unique items along his journey and meet friends and foes in the land of the dead on his quest to reunite with his beloved lost love, Maria.

Four Sided Fantasy - Ludo Land / Serenity Forge

Discover a strange world where a man and woman journey through four seasons in a year, constantly separated by the boundaries of the screen. In this game, you use screen wrap to solve puzzles in ways you never thought about before. You know how in Pac-Man you can “wrap” from one side of the screen to the other? Your ability is like that, but you can turn it on whenever you want. Each new season in the game brings a new twist to screen wrap. Just as you think you’ve mastered a screen wrap mechanic, the world will change its rules and present a new way for you to look at the confines of your screen.


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