Intel® MPSS - changes in release cadence and support

By Belinda M Liviero, Published: 11/18/2014, Last Updated: 11/18/2014

Up until now, Intel has been releasing its Manycore Platform Software Stack (Intel® MPSS) on a quarterly cadence, with each release being supported for 1 year from the date it was issued.

Beginning October 2014, the release timing and the support lifetime of Intel® MPSS is changing, namely to support divergent community needs:

  • For those who prefer a stable release with a longer life-span
  • For those  who are more  interested in using newer technology / drivers 

To that end, Intel will now  provide long-term support for an Intel® MPSS release, as well as continue providing timely updates to Intel® MPSS by adding OFED, Operating System and MPI support. In order to achieve both of these, we have established a new Intel® MPSS release plan with details as follows:

  • Intel® MPSS 3.3 will be supported until the end of June 2015
  • Intel® MPSS 3.4 will be supported for three years, through the end of September 2017
    • During the first six months of MPSS 3.4 existence,  point releases will be issued to  support OFED, Operating System , and MPI updates, as well as critical customer issues and security “hot fixes”
    • After six months, only critical customer issues and security “hot fixes” will be addressed
  • Future Intel® MPSS releases will be done semiannually starting at the end of March 2015.   At that time we will release  Intel® MPSS version 3.5 and provide support for it for six months.   At the end of September 2015, version 3.6 will come out; and so on....
    • During the first six months, we will offer point releases to  add OFED, Operating System, and MPI updates, as well as critical customer issues and security “hot fixes”
    • After six months, support will shift to the next Intel® MPSS release (i.e. 3.5 to 3.6)

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