Intel® Software Guard Extensions SDK for Linux* Availability Update

By Dan T Zimmerman,

Published:04/11/2016   Last Updated:04/11/2016

Whenever I talk with developers about Intel® SGX, one of the first questions asked is ‘When will Linux support be available’?  In the spirit of being open and transparent about our current Intel® SGX SDK development activities, I hope this short blog will answer a few questions that some of you may have.

Intel intends to:

  • Open-Source the Intel® SGX SDK for Linux* and associated Platform Software in June 2016
    • The initial codebase should be considered ‘Beta’ quality and has been validated as such on Intel® 6th Gen Core based platforms that support Intel® SGX
  • The project will be hosted and managed by Intel’s Open-Source Development Community at
  • Kernel driver source is included in the Platform Software and any up-streaming activities will have their own timeline
  • There will be a few user-space components where binaries will be provided instead of source

The information I’ve provided here is subject to change without notice.  As we get closer to the actual release date, I’ll update this blog to reflect any additional details we can provide.  Thank you for your interest in SGX!

- Dan

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