Global Droidcon Sponsorship Broadens Intel® Software Visibility

Published:06/25/2015   Last Updated:06/25/2015

 In 2014, we wrote about our success stories  at the Droidcons , the premier Android* conferences for software developers.  Intel is typically a key participant at the largest of these conferences, and continues to establish sound relationships with key software developers in the industry in order to share the latest technologies and devices. To broaden our reach and visibility this year, we became a global sponsor of the Droidcons worldwide.

In alignment with BK’s keynote at CES at the beginning of the year,  Intel Software aligned with the owner of the brand name ‘Droidcon’ to launch a specific program that would sponsor women in technology to attend a Droidcon of their choice, offering ticket and travel/accommodation support up to €330, (abt. $370 USD). Details of this sponsorship can be found here.  

The program was launched at the beginning of April at the Turin Droidcon with great coverage in the Italian press:

Wolfgang Petersen, SSG EMEA DRD Director on Intel Technology, Real Sense and Mobile in particular (this is in English).

Francesca Tosi, Intel Software innovator, freelance web and mobile developer and founder of GDG (Google Developer Group) of Firenze/Ancona, Italy talking about diversity.

The program really kicked off with the next biggest Droidcons in Berlin and Tel Aviv In total, 26 women attended one of these two events thanks to Intel Software support.

800 participants (15% female), 80 speakers (17%) female, 62 talks, and 2 talks given by Intel Android evangelist (and Google Developer Expert) Xavier Hallade with a total of 250 attendees listening to Power Optimization for Android can be viewed below:

Talks included Developing for Android TV, as well as Intel booth presence with a great line-up of devices and tools: Asus Zen 2 and 5, Dell Venue 10 7040, NokiaN1, Nexus Player, IRDA, INDE, GPA, VTune.

In Droidcon Berlin, we ran our second Diversity Meetup, attended by 20 women and two men from all over: Germany, UK, Ukraine, Japan, China, US – very diverse. After insights into global Intel programs/initiatives on Diversity, we provided  education on  Intel Software programs and in particular, on our Innovator program. Intel Innovator Francesca Tosi, talked about her experience in a male-dominated world and her work with Intel, in particular. Here are a few highlights from the discussion:

Where and how do we start changing mindsets?

-       Starting only at school age might be too late; the education process and possibilities should already start in kindergarten

-       Need to train teachers and parents

-       Stereotypes: a woman’s place is by her children &- husband; how to deal with it. Can we actually change them?

-       I just work, I don’t like to promote/sell my work – men are much better at positioning themselves

-       Educate men! (This was coming from a man): they do not always understand and know about the challenges women are facing.


More information around this and the Intel diversity programs supporting female software developers brought up at Droidcon Berlin can be found here, or you can contact Beatrice Fraedrich,, owner of the program.



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