Learn ‘o’ Sys – VR/AR App for Learning Human Body - For School Children

By Shriram KV, Published: 01/15/2019, Last Updated: 01/15/2019

Well, to start with, we would like to introduce ourselves as novice bloggers. Yet, we shall try making the blog as much interesting and intuitive as possible. We would like to thank Intel for this opportunity to blog. 

The team Learn’o’sys has Shriram as the lead who is an Intel innovator and a professor at Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore, India.

When the call for the challenge came, we started searching for some of the crucial problems which need solution. We ended up with proposing – VR/AR App for Learning Human Body - For School Children. Let us highlight why this is important and how impactful it will be.

India is a land of rich heritage and culture as all of us know. Knowledge Rich Vedas and Ancient Gurus have already glorified the country with their divine knowledge. And, the advancement of the science and technology has also put us in the limelight in the past couple of decades.  Still, teaching Biology and human anatomy at a school level is a big challenge for the teachers. Explaining human organs to an 8th grade student is not easy and straight forward as preferred. Either, the teachers don’t discuss the content or they do it for namesake. From the students’ perspective, they don’t have clear understanding of what they read and they end up either skipping the lesson or simply memorize and repeat it in exams. For instance, the do’s and don’ts of the human anatomy is mandated as part of the syllabus but cannot be completely discussed in the class due to cultural hesitations.

Similarly, a teacher would not be in a position to talk about human reproductive system even at a high level because of the same hesitation mentioned above. This makes the learning tougher, harder and most importantly incomplete. Also, the children shall get an aversion and could even stay away from the dreams of becoming a medical professional. We hope we have made it clear about how impactful our problem statement in hand is and the need to address it.

Though the shipments were delayed due to lots of challenges, we are all set now. We can witness in these eight weeks that we can make it all happen with AR/VR power to make the biology learning easier and interesting.

There you go, we welcome to the blog that takes you through a “VR/AR App for Learning Human Body - For School Children”. We will be building an interactive and intuitive app targeting school children for them to master the human anatomy. Exploiting the power of VR/AR along with our imagination and creativity is the key.


That’s it for this week!! Meet you with more updates and progress in the weeks to come.

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