Meet the 2014 App Latina- Mexico Winners

Published: 08/12/2014   Last Updated: 08/12/2014

Finding a movie?  Done!  Waiting in line for tickets?  Not necessary; you have a reserved seat.  And not getting the results of the latest match in the World Cup until after the movie?    With the newest app winners in Intel’s App Latina Innovation contest, you get all this and more. Through training and fierce competition we are inspiring developers world-wide to create the most entertaining, useful and innovative applications.

The App Latina Innovation Contest is excited to present the top 5 winners of the 2014 challenge in Mexico. Now in its second year, the App Latina challenge asks for local Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and developers in Mexico to submit their Android applications in an effort to expand Android developer mindshare in Latin American countries.  After an initial evaluation by an Intel panel, 21 apps (and software businesses) from Mexico were selected to advance to the final round. The apps ranged from entertainment to transportation to social networking, to name a few. The 21 participants were trained in a series of face to face and online sessions on how to develop for X86. The applications were then validated for enabling and prepped for final evaluations.

At the final round, the judging panel selected the top 5 applications as the App Latina winners in Mexico. This year’s winners received a social media marketing plan and campaign to help the ISV or developer gain momentum, visibility and promotion of their winning application. App Latina is proud to help drive global awareness to ISVs, developer and applications who are otherwise limited by their own business and geographical challenges.

Learn more about App Latina in 2014 here.

Meet our App Latina México 2014 winners:


You don’t rush to the movies anymore! With Cine+ you can reserve your seats ahead of time for any Cinepolis and Cinemex theater in Mexico! Relax at a movie with the best seat in house through Cine+.

An app for reserving and buying seats for any Cinepolis and Cinemex theater in Mexico.

 Auto Chilango

Keep yourself up to date with any government regulated vehicle codes. With Chilango you can remain alert about when you are authorized to drive you cars in cities across Mexico, changes in gas prices and any additional city and government requirements.


Need instant football updates? Stay connected with the latest games, news and updates from your favorite team with Copalive which no includes World Cup results. Cheer on your favorite team any time!

 Car Dashdroid

Stay connect even in your car. Use your tablet to connect to your music, contacts, navigation and the web to you car stereo system with Cardashdraoid. You can customize it to make it work for your needs.


Find you favorite local business with Aire. Connect with your local community, make recommendations of restaurants, shows, meeting points and local events. The app also allows you to report crime, traffic jams, protests and riots.

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