MeowJS - A Web Performance Optimizer

Published: 01/15/2015, Last Updated: 01/15/2015

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Today we live in a planet with around 7 billion people where we connect with each other through the amazing evergreen technology known as the "World Wide Web (WWW)" by means of the "internet". Every second nearly 100 millions of users access the internet. Every minute nearly 250 millions of users access the internet. Every hour nearly 500 millions of users access the internet. Every day more than 1 billion access the internet.

As we all know, web browsers help in accessing and browsing several web pages. The web pages are written in the form of HyperText Markup format, where the pages are linked by means of Hyperlinks and URLs (Uniform Resource Navigator) which helps in navigating towards several web pages. As many users access several web pages in their web browsers, heavy network bandwidth is being transmitted and received. Heavy network bandwidth often results in delays. 

Experts often offer the following advice: "Buy a very high-speed internet connection". But there is an alternative. All we require is a good internet connection but not everybody can afford a super-speed internet connection. Good network signals are also a must. Users need to have at least a 3/5 network signal level. Even with a 5/5 network signal level when we are loading web pages, uploading and downloading content, blogging, and playing online games we may still experience less than optimal network speeds.

Web pages generally consist of text, images, audio and video. They also undergo redundancy issues such as Spatial redundancy, Coding redundancy, spectral redundancy, psycho visual redundancy and temporal redundancy. And, additionally, there are issues during during online gaming.

So, the best solution is to build efficient scripts that will help in solve these issues.

MeowJS is an on-going experimental opensource project, which aims to optimize web performance. Currently, several Javascript libraries are being built. So far, 27 pre-releases have been launched with v0.4.5 as the latest. Project Meow-PNG-Perf is specifically for online gaming (game modelling as of now). At present, it is targeting to provide enhanced web performance for desktop/laptop users. After accomplishing in building efficient scripts, building a web performance cross-platform tool optimizer for any web browser will be targeted for later.

The further extension of the project work will also aim towards the future possibilities, especially in the areas of mobile-first cloud-first, real-time sensors, AI, wearable technologies and IoT.


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