Mesh Commander v0.2.3 Released

By Ylian Saint-Hilaire,

Published:06/24/2016   Last Updated:06/24/2016

Yesterday we released Mesh Commander 0.2.3, an update to our premiere web based management console for Intel AMT. This time around we got a bunch of interesting new features and bug fixes. First, we have an improved installer with two more install options. You can now install Mesh Commander as an IIS web site and/or install the Microsoft SCCM add-in for Mesh Commander. In addition, Mesh Commander now supports a set of command line switches that allow applications to quickly call Mesh Commander to support many different usages. Let’s take a look at these one by one:

  • Microsoft SCCM add-in for Mesh Commander. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a widely used management console. The new Mesh Commander installer automatically detects if Microsoft SCCM is installed and offers a new option to install the add-in. Once installed, right clicking on computers within SCCM will show a new context menu  item called “Manage using Mesh Commander”. You can start making use of Intel AMT features with a few clicks directly within the SCCM Console context. The Microsoft SCCM add-in assumes that all machines are setup with TLS enabled and using Kerberos authentication (Using user credentials of the user running the SCCM Console).
  • Mesh Commander IIS web site. In addition to running Mesh Commander as a standalone executable, you can now opt to install it as an IIS web site. You will need IIS8 with Web Sockets installed to make this work, but once installed you get a new “/commander” web site on your server and you can immediately use it to manage your Intel AMT computers from any web browser. This is useful for many cases where you want to install the management tool on one server and use it from any browser on your network. You no longer need to install Mesh Commander on each machine, a single install does the trick.
  • Mesh Commander command line switches. There are many cases where you want to invoke Mesh Commander to manage a specific Intel AMT computer with given credentials. Anytime you have management software that has a list of computers and knows about Intel AMT, you can delegate all of the Intel AMT management by just invoking Mesh Commander to take care of everything Intel AMT. We also added switches to go directly to hardware KVM (Full screen or not) and Serial-over-LAN. So, you can start a hardware KVM session with a single call to Mesh Commander. To see the full list of switches, take a look at the readme.txt file in the install folder.

This week, I want to give special thanks for Ariel Silverman for his work on the installer and SCCM add-in. Both are huge improvements to Mesh Commander. In addition to all these changes, we fixed many more issues, including Kerberos authentication with TLS enabled and others. You can get the latest version of Mesh Commander at

Feedback appreciated,
Ylian Saint-Hilaire

The all new Microsoft SCCM add-in for Mesh Commander allows
administrators to manage Intel AMT computers in a few clicks.


With Mesh Commander installer adding it to IIS, you can quickly setup a web site on a
local web server that gives a portal for Intel AMT management from any browsers.


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