MeshCentral2 - Linux* and MicroLMS

By Ylian Saint-Hilaire, Published: 06/16/2017, Last Updated: 06/16/2017

MeshCentral2 development is moving forward at a swift pace and this week, there was plenty more going on. In my view, MeshCentral2 is probably the easiest way to setup your own open source remote device management web site. it is still in beta, and easily available on the NPM site. I am updating MeshCentral2 many times a week and this time around, wanted to highlight a few notable new features:

  • Added support for Linux x86, for both 32bit and 64bit. A few days back I released the first version of MeshCentral2 with Linux support. Improving upon the previous version of MeshCentral, the Linux installation will be a bit different this time around. A script will be downloaded on the Linux computer, that script will attempt to automatically identify the computer and download and install the correct MeshAgent. Makes installing the Linux mesh agent easier since you don’t need to select what port of the agent you need anymore. However, there are only two ports of the Linux agent right now and more will be added later.
  • Built-in MicroLMS support. The MeshAgent for both Windows* and Linux* now has MicroLMS support built-in. MicroLMS is a lite replacement to LMS when it’s not installed on a system that allow the MeshAgent to interact with Intel® AMT. What is interesting about this release is that not only is MicroLMS included, support for Intel® AMT user notifications as been added. So, the MeshAgent can get events like a HWKVM or Serial-over-LAN session connection. In the latest MeshCentral2, we display these events on the web page.
  • New YouTube video on JavaScript in the MeshAgent. One of the amazing features of this new version of the MeshAgent is its ability to run JavaScript code. In this new YouTube video, we demonstrate how easy it is to edit the meshcore.js file and make the agent behave differently. This is crucial for MeshCentral2 and MeshAgent2 to being able to be adaptive to a wide array for customers and usages.

MeshCentral2 is a team effort. Bryan Roe did massive amounts of work on the MeshAgent2 with lots of fixes, new features, Linux ports and new makefiles. MeshCentral2 is still very much beta code, lots of things still moving but if you give it a try, let us know.

Ylian Saint-Hilaire


MeshCentral2 now supports MeshAgent’s for Windows and Linux 32bit and 64bit.
Full support for software KVM is included in both Windows and Linux versions.

MeshAgent2 now has built-in MicroLMS. It can now communicate with Intel® AMT
even if LMS is not present which is especially important on Linux. All new in this release
of MicroLMS is support for Intel® AMT user notifications.

We got an all new MeshCentral2 YouTube video with an introduction to running
JavaScript code on the MeshAgent
. This allows the MeshAgent to be re-programmed
for a wide array of customers and usages.

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