MeshCommander - Firmware Web Application

By Ylian Saint-Hilaire, Published: 07/11/2017, Last Updated: 07/11/2017

A quick post to say that I just uploaded a new YouTube video on how to compile MeshCommander for use as a firmware web application for Intel AMT 11 and above.

Starting with Intel AMT 11, you can now upload a web application into the firmware that will replace the built-in index.htm page. This is super useful because you can upload a fairly complete Intel AMT management console into the firmware and access it using a browser. MeshCommander was built to do this, you can also read my previous blog on this topic.

In this new video, I show how to download the MeshCommander source code and use the Web Site Compiler to build a compress .gz file that can be uploaded into the Intel AMT 11 storage area. Because MeshCommander is open source, your welcome to change and re-brand it anyway you like, in fact, I encourage it.

Hope it's helpful,

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