Mesh Commander v0.1.4 Released

By Ylian Saint-Hilaire, Published: 02/01/2016, Last Updated: 02/01/2016

Quick note to mention that over the holiday break and into January, we have been working on a much improved web based Intel® AMT console that we now call MeshCommander. Over the last two months, we have made huge progress in building the first, entirely JavaScript Intel® AMT console that is cross-platform and can run in modern browsers. For people who don’t know, we are trying to make Intel® AMT tools and code more web friendly since this has many advantages. We use browsers every day, it’s only logical that all of the benefits of Intel® AMT be available on the web. It also work well within the industry direction for web based manageability.

We made many improvements to the code and added a few big features:

  • Network configuration. You can now configuration most IPv4 and IPv6 settings of Intel® AMT along with wireless network state and profiles. We grouped all of the network configuration into a single screen and we adapt the screen to show only what makes sense for a given Intel® AMT platform.
  • System Defense. Also known as Circuit Breaker, this feature allows administrator to monitor and block some network packets at the hardware or driver level. MeshCommander allows full control over network filters and policies. If counters are active, they will automatically be displayed and updated every 5 seconds, so you see what is going on in near real time.
  • Internet settings. Intel® AMT is not only for the intranet, it has many capabilities that make it an excellent technology for over-the-internet management. In the Internet settings panel, you can configure environment detection and connection to management servers (MPS servers / CIRA servers).
  • Realm adaptability. MeshCommander can be used to login to Intel® AMT with accounts that have limited access to management features. The tool will automatically detect when access is limited and only display data and options that are available.

In addition to this, we improved hardware KVM, terminal, added “Save As…” boxes, drag & drop and much more. This makes MeshCommander a pretty sweet tool for Intel® AMT and great code samples for over developers and partners. You can download MeshCommander and get more information at

Feedback appreciated,
Ylian Saint-Hilaire


MeshCommander is available in different flavors, allowing users to make
use of Intel® AMT in different situations and for different usages.

Version 0.1.4 of MeshCommander has important new features including security
configuration of certificates, network configuration, system defense and more.

A single polymorphic code base is used to create all of the different version of MeshCommander.
This allows development of a code base that can be broadly used.

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