Mesh Commander v0.1.6 Released

By Ylian Saint-Hilaire, Published: 03/09/2016, Last Updated: 03/09/2016

Mesh Commander 0.1.6 was just released. This is the latest version of our next generation Intel® AMT software that is entirely built using web based technologies. In this version we made many more bug fixes but more importantly, we added Agent Presence support so that Intel AMT can now track and take actions based on applications running in the operating system. This is our first pass at Agent Presence support, so there is more features to be added moving forward. Still, this allows users of Web Commander to get stared with it.

Agent Presence allows an administrator to setup watchdogs (GUID’s) in Intel® AMT that will be tracked. When OS applications signal watchdogs at regular intervals, it indicates to Intel AMT that they are alive and working. When an application stops signaling, Intel® AMT can log and take actions based on state transitions. For this first version, we only support logging watchdog transitions, but more to come in the future.

You can get the latest version of Mesh Commander and the new Mesh Commander Agent Presence Monitor at

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Ylian Saint-Hilaire

The latest Mesh Commander 0.1.6 has many bug fixes and for the first time, the addition of Agent
Presence support. You can now monitor applications running in the OS from Intel AMT.

This new version of Mesh Commander includes a new Watchdog Monitor tool that
you can run locally to heartbeat watchdogs at regular intervals.




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