Not just 1, but 2 flavors of the Manageability DTK

By Gael H Hofemeier,

Published:06/01/2011   Last Updated:06/01/2011

I just learned something new today. There are 2 versions of the Manageability DTKs out there!  Most Manageability Developers have been downloading the DTK from the Manageability and Security Developers Community.  I was just poking around our forum questions and found out that our friend Ylian has posted an Open Source version!  Why two?  Let's see what the Open Source version has to offer:

1.  It is a set of open source tools for management of Intel® AMT systems including many tools and source code for developers interested in building their own applications or who simply want to learn more about Intel AMT.

2.  It is internationalized in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French (Community Support doing its thing!!)

3.  The source is complied using Visual Studio 2010; all the tools will run in true 64-bit on platforms that support it.

4.  When possible the tools have been enhanced to make use of the peer-to-peer networking system available on the Open Source site.

5.  This package has the "Director" tool included.

6.  You also might be interested to know that SHA-2 support has recently been added.

So go and check it out  - let us know what you think about it!

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