RDRAND library for Java

By Gael H Hofemeier,

Published:09/16/2013   Last Updated:09/16/2013

Welcome to my blog about the Intel(r) Secure Key Technology. In this blog I am providing some URLs regarding the Implementation Guide and a pointer to a Java Utility wrapping librdrand (provided by the community.)


Intel® Secure Key, previously code-named Bull Mountain Technology, is the Intel name for the Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures instruction RDRAND and its underlying Digital Random Number Generator (DRNG) hardware implementation. Among other things, the DRNG using the RDRAND instruction is useful for generating high-quality keys for cryptographic protocols.

This Digital Random Number Generator Software Implementation Guide is intended to provide a complete source of technical information on RDRAND usage, including code examples. 

I would like to acknowledge one of our Community Members, Hemanta P for providing a link to his RDRAND Java Project:
lizalab-rdrand-util.   Hemanta is looking for feedback so go and check it out!

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