Report from San Francisco’s Intel Ultracode Meetup: Code and Tell

Published:08/09/2013   Last Updated:08/09/2013

On a warm July summer evening in San Francisco, 65-ish coders gathered to focus on Android* projects, both html5 and native, watch and listen to expert demos, and maybe even grab a few Intel-sponsored prizes. Here’s a report from this event, produced by Intel and BeMyApp.


This event was held at the very picturesque Butchershop 3rd St. Office (see more images here). As already noted, the focus was on Android projects both html5 and native. Several presentations were given, including:

Jason Polites (Socialize Inc.) 
Tips and Tricks for Effective Automated Testing on Android 
Some "rules of the road" including:

  • Myths about testing
  • Practical techniques to make testing easier and more effective
  • Common pitfalls when creating tests on Android

Ashraf Hegab 

Creating a 3D multiplayer games in real-time 

Multi is a new hybrid 3d multiplayer games engine by that allows for the real-time creation of 3d multiplayer games across web and native devices. In this session we'll go through the process of creating a new game, by creating and editing levels, UI, 3d models and animations in real-time across Android devices and more.

Zac Bowling (Apportable) 
How to run Objective-C and C++ on Android 
Have you ever wanted to build a game in Objective-C or C++? Apps that have done this include: SpiritsAvernum, andSuperbrothers Sword & Sworcery.

You can see the entire presentation that Zac came up with here.

Yosun Chang (AReality3D) 
Native apps designed for Google Glass 
After a lightning perusal of the sensors on this, Android-on-your-head-sans-touchscreen-with-sidetouchpad-camera-lightmeter-mic-gyro-acc, I'll talk about a few native Glass hacks of mine: the GlassTrombone, computer-vision based markerless AR, and head rotation navigation within a 3D environment.

Christopher Price ( 
Building a New High-end for Android Gaming 
Android-IA is a new platform that allows Android to run on x86 hardware. Android-IA is the (open) core of, currently shipping around 4x faster than that Galaxy S 4 you're building for. Christopher will share an introduction to the platform, talk a bit about getting your head around developing games for, and share some lessons learned along the way so far.

Gaythri (Intel)

Portable All-In-Ones are new form factor devices that feature high-end technical specifications: large touch screens (18.4 - 27-inch) that can operate in lay-flat orientations, and have a built-in battery. These capabilities make new use-cases possible in applications and games that incorporate features like multi-user capabilities with a minimum of 10 touch points.

All in all, it was a great night of demos and fellowship for Android developers. Were you at this meetup? Share your experience in the comments below!



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