Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories for February

By Karissa R. Pagliero,

Published:02/11/2019   Last Updated:02/11/2019

IoT System Studio

Intel® System Studio: Simplify System & IoT App Development

This easy-to-use, comprehensive tool suite includes compilers, libraries, analyzers, debug tools, code wizards, and samples to help developers move from prototype to product faster.

Subhashis Banerjee

Improve Biomedical Image AI Training and Analysis

Intel Student Ambassador Subhashis Banerjee works to understand medical imaging dataset imbalances and how to solve the issues in deep learning that these imbalances cause.

Object Detection

Deploy Multiple Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit Workloads with Microsoft Azure* on the IEI TANK* AIoT Developer Kit

Learn how to deploy multiple modules to the same machine instead of installing the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit within each container.

Francesca Tosi

Bring Mathematical Elegance to Developer Solutions

“Keep in mind that great things never come from comfort zones,” says Intel® Software Innovator Francesca Tosi. Read about her innovative career and thoughts on technology for today and the future.

AI Practitioners Guide

AI Practitioners Guide for Beginners

Directed at machine learning practitioners, this guide provides business strategy plus details on how to install and validate TensorFlow* on Intel® Xeon® Scalable platforms.

Next Generation of Memory

Prepare for the Next Generation of Memory

Get guidance and tools to optimize your application using Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory—a new type of nonvolatile memory and storage tier that is faster than solid-state drives (SSD) or hard drives.

IoT Video

Intel® Vision Products Power the Next Generation of Digital Security and Surveillance

Discover how the performance of Agent Vi* solutions coupled with Intel’s powerful portfolio of development products can fuel your computer vision application development.

Maximize TensorFlow* Performance

Maximize TensorFlow* Performance on the CPU: Considerations and Recommendations for Inference Workloads

Set up Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow* to maximize CPU performance. Use Intel®Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (Intel® MKL-DNN) to help with highly optimized math routines for deep learning tasks.

HPC Innovation

Open Source Software Drives HPC Innovation

Learn more about Intel’s contributions to the open source software community that enables ease-of-use in HPC systems and productive solutions.

PMEM Dev Kit

Test the Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK) Using FIO Workloads

Get an introduction to the persistent memory engines included in the popular open source Flexible I/O Tester, and see how libraries included in the PMDK make developing persistent memory applications easier.

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