​Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories September

By Karissa R. Pagliero, Published: 09/12/2018, Last Updated: 09/13/2018

Modern Code

Access Remote Persistent Memory with Block Semantics 

​Learn how the Software Performance Development Kit (SPDK)  integrates with the Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK). This integration enables low-latency remote access to persistent memory with traditional block semantics using NVM Express* over Fabrics. 


Code Sample: How to Use the Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK) in a Multithreaded Environment

​Use the supplied code sample to create a C++ sample application that demonstrates using persistent-memory pools, pointers, and transaction features of the PMDK library, libpmemobj++.

AI in Space

How Can AI Assist Humans in Space Exploration? NASA Astronauts Tell Us What They Think

​Experienced NASA astronauts give us their perspective on what AI can do for space exploration.

Using TensorFlow*

​Use TensorFlow* for Deep Learning Training and Testing

Learn to train and test a single-node Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor using TensorFlow* framework with CIFAR-10 image recognition datasets.

Ultimate Coder Challenge Team

If You Build VR, They Will Come

​Follow the Ultimate Coder IV: VR Challenge team, The Crop Dusters, as they create a crop- spraying virtual reality experience. 

IEI Tank AIoT Developer Kit

IoT Insight Featuring the IEI TANK* AIoT Developer Kit

​Explore this video series to find the latest in Intel technology, tools, and software for computer vision, deep learning inference, sensors, and cloud development using the IEI TANK* AIoT Developer Kit.

Project Arena

Project Arena: A Study in Large-Scale Commercial VR Application Development & Deployment 

Project Arena is all about scale and being able to bring large massive geometries representing real-world structures into the VR environment. Learn how to create your own.  

 UP Squared* AI Vision Developer Kit

Implement Computer Vision Solutions

The simplified UP Squared AI Vision Developer Kit will help you gain a faster path to deployment for your computer vision application

Optimizing BNN

Code Sample: Optimizing Binarized Neural Networks on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

Use this code sample to create an algorithm for General Matrix-to-Matrix Multiplication (GEMM), which will significantly accelerate performance.

Threading Applications

Thread Fortran Applications for Parallel Performance on Multicore Systems

Learn to use multiple cores on a single, shared memory system using Intel® tools. Issues addressed include data layout, thread safety, performance, and debugging.

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