Transforming Intel® Developer Zone for Microsoft HoloLens* experience

By Manisha B., Published: 07/15/2016, Last Updated: 07/15/2016


In this blog we will work on taking the Intel® Developer Zone Website and changing it for the Microsoft HoloLens* experience.

As we know, we can run Windows* 10 UWP 2d apps in HoloLens. This walkthrough will involve the same process.




















Open up Microsoft Visual Studio*

We will be targeting the app  for Windows 10 UWP and JavaScript* should be the selection.


We have to choose JavaScript->Windows->Universal->Hosted Web App

Then we have to choose target and minimum version.









Two Things we need to change

In the Application tab  the Start Page,

we have to change the start page to

and in Content URI the URI to










Now let’s run the app in Windows 10 UWP orientation to see if it works or not.

The option should be Debug Any CPU Local Machine.



The Site as it opens in UWP format.

Now it’s time for the HoloLens experience.

I downloaded the emulator for HoloLens and only the target needs to be changed to HoloLens emulator.

The emulator starts.

The IDZ website opens with HoloLens experience.


It will be a very easy task to communicate the entire Intel Developer Zone Website experience with Microsoft HoloLens.

We can pan touch zoom the app anywhere you go.

You don’t need actual HoloLens to build the app.

All 2D Windows 10 UWP apps are compatible for Microsoft HoloLens.

The video for the experience using HoloLens Emulator.









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