Ultrabook™ Device and Tablet Windows* Touch Developer Guide

By Gael H Hofemeier, Published: 04/15/2013, Last Updated: 04/15/2013


 I recently wrote a Developer Guide for implementing touch interfaces on touch-enabled devices.  This guide describes which APIs you need to use if you want compatibility with Windows 7, Windows 8 Desktop, Windows 8 Store apps as well as information on interfaces for browser support.



This Guide contains information about the APIs that application developers need to use when they are developing apps targeted for Ultrabook™ devices. It covers information for developing apps that run on Windows* 7, Windows* 8 Desktop, Windows* Modern UI, as well as apps that run in web browsers.

This guide also provides descriptions of common user expectations for gestures and provides some guidelines for developing satisfying touch interfaces.

You can download and read the full article on the Intel Developer Zone.


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