Webinar: Apache Spark* and Big Data Analytics: Solving Real-World Problems

By Michael A Pearce, Published: 06/10/2015, Last Updated: 06/10/2015

Big Data analysis is having an impact on every industry today. Industry leaders are capitalizing on these new business insights to drive competitive advantage. Apache Hadoop* is the most common Big Data framework, but the technology is evolving rapidly – and one of the latest innovations is Apache Spark*. 
So what is Apache Spark and what real-world business problems will it help solve?  Join Big Data experts from Intel and BlueData for an in-depth look at Apache Spark and learn:

- Real-world use cases and applications for Big Data analytics with Apache Spark
- How to leverage the power of Spark for iterative algorithms such as machine learning
- Deployment strategies for Spark, leveraging your on-premises data center infrastructure

Check out this webinar (may require registration to view)

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