Who Will Be the Ultimate IoT Coder?

Published: 06/02/2016, Last Updated: 06/02/2016

Five Teams. Eight Weeks. One IoT Challenge

Editor Note: The demonstration videos have been created, the presentations have been sent in and judging is in progress. Check in at the Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge website to see the results.

Who will be the Ultimate IoT Coder? Who will create the next great commercial solution? The Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge for IoT is back, this time using cutting edge IoT technologies, team-based competition and innovation powered by the Intel® IoT Commercial Development Kit.

Each year Intel® sponsors a challenge to help determine who the Ultimate Coder really is. Tasked with real world problems, this year teams of developers aim to prove that their solutions are the best using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit. The kit provided contains a Grove* Sensor kit, an Arduino* 101 board, a Dell* Marble Arch Gateway and a suite of software anchored by a Wind River* OS.

Early in 2016, we opened the challenge with an idea solicitation request and received over 180 submissions spanning five separate focus areas. Starting in May, a total of five teams from India, Germany and the USA were selected and began the journey to solve problems in the following areas:

·   Retail – SmartCart

·   Healthcare – Cognitive Healthcare System for Rural Areas

·   Environmental / Agricultural – FarmConnect

·   Automotive / Transportation - TransitIQ

·   Home Automation / Smart Buildings – DIY Smarthomes for Aging in Place

What People Are Saying

Over the 8 week development period you can follow each project, make comments and track each team’s progress. Each team will be sharing their insights, learnings and challenges via blog each week to keep us up to speed.

A unique aspect of this competition is that not only are the teams blogging but developers are also recommended to interact through a robust comments section allowing them to share their comments, and converse with each team. Instead of just watching, you can be a part of the activities and encourage the participants, even perhaps influencing their projects!

Judges Speak

In addition, over the course of the competition industry experts will review each project to offer encouragement and suggestions.


Each project will be judged by a group of industry experts that include:

·Chris Maunder, Co-founder of Code Project

·Ron Evans, Software Developer at The Hybrid Group

·Grace Metri, IoT Community Evangelist – Intel

·Sisinty Patra, IoT Software Engineer – Intel

·Ramesh Peri, Senior Principal Engineer – Intel

·Raghavendra Ural, Developer Relations Evangelist - Intel




Ultimate Coder Teams

Team Agro Hackers – FarmConnect

Agriculture is the backbone of every human civilization. A key to supporting larger populaces is agriculture management that includes resource management, crop management and pest/disease management.  FarmConnect aims to apply IoT frameworks for Agriculture to create solutions for various management aspects.

Team Proximarket – Smartcart

Proximarket’s Smartcart aims to revolutionize retail management of brick and mortar stores by adding value to existing shopping experiences and easily integrating proximity features at a low cost.

Team IoT Vaidya – Cognitive Healthcare System for Rural Areas 

Rural healthcare is an issue all over the world. Having doctors and medical specialists available in remote regions is difficult at best. Team IoT Vaidya aims to develop an IoT Medic, which will help bridge the gap between remote areas and doctors.  From basic diagnosis to cure recommendations, the IoT Medic will go a long ways to helping with rural healthcare.

Team Geras – DIY Smarthomes for Aging in Place 

Team Geras’ goal is to build a proof-of-concept IoT system tailored to the needs of those who wish to prolong independent living. The system includes sensing capabilities that could help to detect abnormal events, as well as implement physical or cognitive exercise programs through speech recognition and synthesis.


Team Whirlwind – TransitIQ

Automotive automation is an emerging area of focus to help ease a variety of issues within the transportation sector. Team Whirlwind aims to develop a public-facing product featuring cloud based solutions that can be implemented at a low cost to alert commuters of unsafe conditions.

Follow the Competition

Check in at the Ultimate Coder Challenge to see regular updates, and follow the projects from start to finish. The competition is fully underway, with teams using their Commercial IoT Developer kits, and coding their solutions. Tune in regularly to follow their progress and participate in the conversation using the #UltimateCoder hashtag on Twitter.

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