Wind River Rocket* - Free RTOS for IoT devices and MCUs

Published: 10/30/2015, Last Updated: 10/30/2015


Wind River Rocket* is a free, cloud-connected, real-time operating system (RTOS) designed for microcontrollers (MCUs) and other small, connected IoT devices from the industry's leading embedded systems software experts.  Offering multi-architecture support for Intel® and ARM architectures, Rocket is a perfect fit for applications running on 32-bit MCUs engineered for small-footprint sensor hubs, wearables, and other resource-constrained devices that comprise the IoT edge.

From makers to commercial developers, Rocket opens device development to a wide range of individuals who want to quickly develop and deploy their applications on their hardware and eliminate many of the common steps associated with building embedded devices from scratch.  No longer do you need to download the OS source, install compatible build tools, configure your host, OS, boot loader, and more.  Rocket provides the developer community with a solution that scales from experimentation to commercial deployments by removing the barriers to entry for developers in the IoT space.

Integrated with Wind River Helix App Cloud, Rocket enables developers to securely build and deliver applications to local devices or those deployed in field of operation.  It addresses the key challenges of building, managing, and securing devices throughout their entire lifecycle. Developers can now start writing and debugging applications in minutes from any web browser. 

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Wind River Rocket*

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