Winners of the 2017 Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest

By Michael J Coppock,

Published:09/01/2017   Last Updated:09/04/2017

It was another great year for the Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest. We had a record number of submissions from around the world. It was tough taking the hundreds of exciting games and narrowing it down to the 25 finalists. From these finalists, we narrowed it down to the top games in various genres and categories. The external panel of judges then scored and selected the winners.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest and submitted their games in 2017. We had some truly amazing entries this year. It was a lot of fun reviewing your games and seeing so many exciting games in development across the world. A special thanks also to our contest judges for 2017 and our great sponsors, Epic Games, Razer, and Green Man Gaming—we couldn’t do it without you.

Without any further ado, the winners are…

Game of the Year & Best Puzzle/Physics Game
Resynth by Polyphonic LP


Best Platformer Game & Best Use of Game Physics
Pepper Grinder by Riv Hester


Best Adventure / Role Playing & Best Art Design
Cat Quest by The Gentelbros


Best Action Game
Megaton Rainfall by Pentadimensional Games


Best Game – Open Genre
Paperbark by Paperhouse Games


Best Sound
Yankai’s Peak by Kenny Sun


Best Game with 3D Graphics
Stardrop by Joure Visser


Best Character Design
The Adventure Pals by Massive Monster


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