Working mode is on and POC

By Abhishek Nandy,

Published:10/25/2018   Last Updated:10/25/2018

Things happening with the Project

The entire journey

The journey was great where we got the opportunity to work on new hardware where we had less experience. Week by week we started learning on how to work on the platform.There is more to learn and work with different levels of expertise for the platform.

The progress

We are still on the POC level and lot of work needs to be done to polish that we will do in near future.

We are sharing the flow for the project here below.

The first thing is that we start working with the Unity IDE and in the next step we start working with and have a Windows UWP Solution build.

We worked on the IL2CPP backend to make the process faster.

We build the solution and then opened it up it worked accordingly.

The process when runs on the mixed reality the view looks like as shown below.

The final package for the app is built and follows the following way.

Work in progress

Getting all the models ready as well as interacting in mixed reality we are currently going through it so that we can modify and adapt accordingly.

This is an opportunity for us to work on the project explore more. Thanks again for part of the journey and we learnt a lot and will discover new things in future.

Thanks for selecting us as this is the POC more work to follow

The video for the Project


Product and Performance Information


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