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Applied Filters

We describe our progression from a traditional ASR system to one with an Encoder-Attention-Decoder architecture, and discuss

Learn how we created a recurrent neural network that detects anomalous events in Windows*. We also explore how different neur

After participating in a contest to train a generative adversarial network (GAN) on the Stanford dog dataset to generate new

Machine learning models can seem complex when trying to understand why a model predicts what it does. This article describes

Google* recently released their Research Football Environment. This article breaks down its complexities and summarizes how w

Image segmentation is often done using Mask-RCNN, U-Net, and other techniques. This article describes how image segmentation

The motive of this article is to demonstrate the idea of distributed computing in the context of training large scale deep le

Recurrent Neural Networks have been the recent state-of-the-art methods for various problems whose available data is sequenti

When Artificial Intelligence involves some type of sensitive data, the problem is how to maintain the data privacy and securi

Vehicle Detection involves finding whether there is vehicle present or not secondly which type of vehicle is present and how

Intel Artificial Intelligence Developer Conference (AIDC) was a two-day conference that took place at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts on May 23-24, 2018.

The Intel® Student Ambassador Program was created to work collaboratively with students at innovative schools and universitie