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GPU Roofline Report Overview

Review the controls available in the main report of the
GPU Roofline Insights
perspective of the
Intel® Advisor
GPU Roofline Regions report overview
Switch between different report tabs. By default, there are Summary, GPU Roofline Insights, and Logs. To open the application source, click the
drop-down and select the
Source View
tab .
Review the summary metrics for parts of your application executed on an accelerator.
  • Create a snapshot for the current project results. For details, see Create a Read-only Result Snapshot.
  • Click a
    button to open previously closed panes. With this button, you can add
    CPU Roofline
    metrics to the report showing details about loops executed on CPU.
Review the actual performance of GPU kernels in your application against hardware-imposed performance ceilings using the
GPU Roofline
chart. for details about interpretation, see Examine Bottlenecks on GPU Roofline Chart.
Switch between
GPU Source
, and
GPU Assembly
  • Review the performance details and code analytics for the selected kernel.
  • Examine the source code and offload summary for each loop. Select a loop in the
    table or a dot in the
    GPU Roofline
    to focus on the corresponding part of the source code.
  • Review GPU assembly representation for a selected kernel.
Review performance metrics of your application performance on an accelerator. For details about metrics, see Accelerator Metrics.

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