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Generate Command Lines from GUI

You can use
Intel® Advisor
to generate command lines for perspective or analysis configuration and copy the lines to a clipboard to run from a terminal/command prompt.
To generate the command lines from
Intel® Advisor
: Set up a project.
  1. Select a perspective from a
    Perspective Selector
    or a drop-down menu in the
    Analysis Workflow
    Analysis Workflow
    pane opens for a selected perspective.
  2. In the
    Analysis Workflow
    pane, do one of the following:
    • To use a pre-defined set of analyses and properties, select an accuracy level.
    • Configure a perspective flow and/or analysis properties (custom accuracy).
  3. Generate the command lines:
    • For a full perspective: Click the
      Command Line
    • For a specific analysis: expand the analysis controls and click the
      Command Line
    Copy Command Line to Clipboard
    dialog box opens, which provides commands to launch the perspective or the analysis with selected configuration. Options with default values are hidden.
  4. Optional: To generate command lines for an MPI application, select the
    Generate command line for MPI
    checkbox. It wraps each command line with an MPI executable and adds required MPI parameters as you specified in the
    Project Properties
    dialog box.
  5. Click the
    button to copy the generated command lines to the clipboard.
  6. Paste the copied command lines to a terminal/command prompt to run the perspective or the analysis.

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